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UNIONOVO CPI is a new book scanner for A2+ sizes. Its maximum scanning size can be books, drawings, magazines and scrolls of 687x452 mm. It can be applied for ancient book protection, industrial drawing scan and so on.

It applies the overhead and single scanning System design and it prevents from tearing the books apart or putting them upside down. It is equipped with an automatic book bracket which is able to adjust the height of books and it avoids bending the book spines. Its double luminescent LED lights supply over 600 LUX light intensity; the lights contain zero ultraviolet ray and zero infrared ray and it will not cause any radiation damage. It can reach 3 seconds per page/double pages which is a leading speed in the industry.

UNIONOVO focuses on high quality and high performance price ratio products.

UNIONOVO book scanners are widely used in research institutions, government departments, banks, land resources, mapping, machinery, art, printing and publishing, graphic simulation replication, ancient protection centers, courts and so on.

Quality, convenience, efficiency—UNIONOVO provides comprehensive services for you!

Product Advantages:

Less cost, less waste, high-tech environment-friendly product

High price performance ratio; save budget

Portable design, easy to install

Maximum protection of books

Overhead design; no need to tear the books apart;

No need to put the files or books upside down; only need to put the materials on the book bracket

Luminescent LED with even lights; light intensity is over 600 LUX; CRI≥80; no ultraviolet ray; able to protect the rare books to the largest extent

Top scanning quality & extremely high OCR recognition accuracy

Automatic book bracket can automatically adjust the height of the books on the left and the right sides; no need to worry about bending the book spines

Diverse accessories available, such as the automatic scanner, laser focuser, software time switch, USB foot switch USB keyboard etc.; convenient and fast

Generate XML metadata which is convenient for filing and searching books

Fast scanning; 3 seconds/page or 3 seconds/2 pages

Automatic capture boundary,Automatic deskew

Able to output 100-600 DPI color, gray level or black and white images

Max. scanning size: 687x460mm; Max. thickness: 100 mm

ICC image correction which can improve image quality

Support single page, multiple page, PDF, JPG, JPG 2000, TIFF, BMP, RAW and other formats of output

Powerful file management function; easy to insert, replace and delete without worrying about file name issue

Automatic page capture & tilt correction

Real-time scanning direction adjustment; suitable for books with different printing directions

Camera parameters can be easily set in order to achieve the best performance

More camera support, such as Nikon,Phase One,Hasselblad camera , to meet different  


Free region selection can greatly shorten the time of post processing

Automatic focusing based on the preset time; always keep the images clear

Automatic exposure control & color correction

Patented design; good appearance

Real-time preview function; can be used as a 3D object display platform

Provide software remote assistance; no further trouble

Ergonomics design is suitable for long-time operation

Simple maintenance; easy operation

Technical parameters:






Scan Speed

3 seconds / page (two pages)




Production type:53 MP

(8688 x 5792) HD scanning system

Opac input

ISBN, ISSN, signature, bar code

Standard type:24.2 MP

(6000 x 4000) HD scanning system

Camera configuration

Single camera


100-600DPI color, gray, black and white image


USB 2.0/3.0



Media Size

687x460mm ,Max thickness 100mm 


Standard 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 15 Amp socket

Lighting system

no ultraviolet ray or infrared ray

luminescent LED

light intensity is over 600 LUX

color rendering index≥80

(up to IEC60825-1 International safety standard)


Windows 7,8,XP(Sp3)

Product Dimension

85x(150Including Lamp)x82x145 CM (WxDxH)


2G Hz CPU processor

500GB hard disk

19" flat panel monitor

Packing Size

90x 90 x 40 CM (W x D x H)

Basic Package

UNIONOVO CP I scanner  
UNIONOVO Capture software

UNIONOVO Editor software

Flat transparent draft pressure device

Adjustable base

Product Weight



Canon 5DS 53 MPSensor (8688 × 5792)x1


Canon 750D24.2 MP DIGIC 6 Sensor 24 bit RGB(6000 x 4000) x1

USB Auto Capture Swith

Anti-dazzle shelter

USB Foot Switch

USB Laser Lamp

Barcode scanning gun

Plastic Color Test Card

AC Adaptersx1

ABBYY OCR software

Packing Weight




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