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UNIONOVO Book Scanner KNI-A3-V

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A3+ professional self-service book scanner


UNIONOVO KNI-A3-V is a professional self-service book scanner for A3+ sizes. It is the first choice of public libraries, university libraries and archives.

It has excellent appearance and enables convenient self-service installation; the patterned appearance can be used in various conditions .V-shape design avoids books from being torn apart or being opened completely which can protect the books. No need to correct curvature of book spines. It supports real-time scanning preview and convenient self-service scanning. It provides diverse output methods including self-service printing, U disk storage and E-mail. Double scanning system achieves higher clearance and larger size.

It has touch buttons and it can reach higher scanning speed; users do not need to wait for a long time.

UNIONOVO focuses on high quality and high performance price ratio products.

UNIONOVO book scanners are widely used in research institutions, government departments, banks, land resources, mapping, machinery, art, printing and publishing, graphic simulation replication, ancient protection centers, courts and so on.

Quality, convenience, efficiency—UNIONOVO provides comprehensive services for you!

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Product Advantages:

Less cost, less waste, high-tech environment-friendly product

High price performance ratio; save budget

Portable design, easy to install

V-shape cradle bracket; the angle can be changed to 180 degrees

Maximum protection of books

Overhead designno need to tear the books apart;

No need to put files or books upside down; only need to put them on the cradle

Top scanning quality & extremely high OCR recognition accuracy

Fast scanning by double scanning systems which can reach 2 pages/ 3 seconds

Able to output 100-600 DPI color, gray level or black and white images

Max. scanning size: 270x380 mm; Max. thickness: 100 mm

Support V-Sharped and 180 horizontal scanning

Diverse accessories available, such as the touch button, laser focuser, software time switch, USB foot switch etc.; greatly enhance the efficiency

Automatic page detection, cutting, tilt correction and finger removal

Support single page, multiple page, PDF, JPG, JPG 2000, TIFF, BMP, RAW and other formats of output

Powerful file management function; easy to insert, replace and delete without worrying about file name issue

Able to add texts, images and watermarks to any position for copyright protection

Personalized software interface; screen protection interface can be altered by users

Able to login as administrator, manage background authority and collect user statistics

Support various storage and share methods including U disk, network, E-mail, print etc.

Generate XML metadata which is convenient for filing and searching books

Real-time preview images which are going to be scanned; real-time scanning direction adjustment; suitable for books with different printing directions

Enhance contrast & environmental simulation scanning

Easy to set the camera parameters to get the greatest scanning effect

Automatic focusing in accordance with a pre-set time always keeps images clear

Automatic methods of work: automatic exposure control and color correction

Patented design; good appearance

Real-time preview function; can be used as a 3D object display platform

Provide software remote assistance; no further trouble

Ergonomics design is suitable for long-time operation

Simple maintenance; easy operation

Product Specifications:






Scan Speed

3 seconds / 2 pages




High type: 53 MP

(8688 × 5792)

HD scanning system

Opac Input

ISBN, ISSN, bookmark, barcode

Standard type: 24.2 MP (6000 x 4000)

HD scanning system

Scanning System

V-Sharped and horizontal


USB 2.0/3.0


100-600 Dpi

Image Output

color, gray, black and white


CE, 3C

Max. Scanning Size

540x380 mm, max. thickness 100 mm


Standard 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 15 Amp socket

Product Dimension

53x56 x100 cm

(W x D x H)



Windows 7, 8, XP (Sp3)

2G Hz CPU processor
500 GB hard disk
19" flat panel monitor

Packing Size

75x 75 x 50 CM

(W x D x H)

Basic Package


adjustable V-shape base
UNIONOVO Touch Software

two 24 MP HD scanning systems


two 53 MP HD scanning systems

laser focuser

USB foot switch

Product Weight



one Intel quad-core 3.40 GHz, Intel z77 chip set, 2.4G memory, 500 G, 22 wide screen LCD

ABBYY OCR software

Packing Weight



12 Months

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