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UNIONOVO Book scanner Capture

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UNIONOVO Capture is a powerful comprehensive software for various digitization needs, able to capture and output images, whether they be a few or thousands of books. 

book scanner

The latest features for UNIONOVO Capture Automatically capture the focus area

Product Advantages

Software is simple to operate, concise interface,free updates for life

Real-time previewing. Scanning direction can be free to adjust according to different

printing direction; and 3D objects can be displayed

The maximum scanning speed can reach 1500 pages per hour, normal operation can be achieved 750 pages / hour

Easily set the parameters of the camera,achieve the best results

Automatic capture boundary,Automatic deskew

Powerful Delete,Insert and Replace function frees you from worrying about file name

ICC(DCP) image correction

Output 100-600DPI color grayscale and black-and-white images

Automatic methods of work: automatic exposure control and color correction

The induction Auto Capture Switch, software timer switch, USB foot switch, USB   keyboard,USB,USB Laser Lamp to meet all your needs

Single-page PDF multi-page PDF JPG JPG2000 TIFF BMP RAW output

Generate the XML meta data to facilitate book archive and search

Bar code scanning, to facilitate the establishment of the books database

Output 100-600DPI color ,gray black & white images

Scan quality is first-class, OCR high recognition accuracy

Auto Focus in accordance with the pre-set time, always maintain a clear image

The region selection feature allows you to greatly reduce post-processing time

The new features for UNIONOVO Capture:


1.Add the Icon for Unionovo Capture


Capture Icon.jpg


2.Add the Russian 


  Operational processes


   Step 1.


  Click "setting" in Menu bar.


  Russia version1.jpg


   Step 2.


  Select "language"


Russia version2.jpg


   Step 3.


  Select "russia.jpg"


  Russia version3.jpg


   Then click "ok"


  3.Add Stand-alone operation buttons,Click the up (shown) or down button (hidden) Stand-alone operation buttons.






4.Shown the scan starting point coordinate values,scan area, the Cameras info.




UNCapture-Stand-alone operation buttons.jpg


5.Add Gray and Monchrome Function.



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